SkinEthic RHE and HCE validated protocols



Both skin and eye irritation protocols have just been updated on our website.


DB-ALM Protocol n° 135 : SkinEthicTM Skin Irritation Test
Skin Irritation and Corrosivity

The SkinEthic™ Skin Irritation Test (42 minutes application + 42 hours post-incubation) is designed for the prediction of acute skin irritation potential of chemicals by measurement of their cytotoxic effect, as reflected in the MTT assay, on the Reconstructed Human Epidermis (RHE) model. The protocol is compliant with the OECD Test Guideline No. 439 - In Vitro Skin Irritation : Reconstructed Human Epidermis Test Method.


We also added the detailed protocol on the use of SkinEthic RHE for Validation of an analytical method on a HPLC/UPLC-spectrophotometry endpoint.


To read the full detailed protocols, please check ou skin irritation page.




The SkinEthic HCE Eye Irritation Test for liquids (DB-ALM Protocol n°190 : SkinEthicTM HCE Eye Irritation Test Liquid (EITL)) and solids (DB-ALM Protocol n°191 : SkinEthicTM HCE Eye Irritation Test Solid (EITS)) substances have also been updated.


Please find the full detailed protocols on our eye irritation page.